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Q & A About Oil Painting
How do I contact America's World of Oil Painting?
America's World of Oil Painting ,
P.O.Box 834, Duluth, GA 30096, USA.
Billing Name: Tamsquare Art and Jewelry , State of Georgia, USA.
Email: services@worldofoilpainting.com.

Tel: 1(678)464-3504 (9:00am - 6:00pm EST).
Fax: 1(678)393-2027 (24/7/365).

What if I can't find a particular oil painting I'm looking for?
If you like to have a oil painting that we do not show here, please send us a picture of it or simply give us the artist's name and the oil painting title. You are also welcome to browse this art resource. Check here: Your Desired Motif.

 Search Artist Name And/Or Title:(1 or 2 keywords only)

How long does it take to process orders?
Once you place your order, we estimate that your order should ship in about three(3) weeks.

If you like to have your paintings to arrive your house/office in 7 days, please add $25 for UPS/FedEx express delivery. This is just like we have any paintings any styles any sizes in stock - and you will be able to get any painting you like without any compromise. This is still much, much lower prices than you buy from a local gallery or other stores.

Since our high quality oil paintings' prices are the lowest in the industry, we encourage customers to buy more. Many of our existing customers keep coming to us after their first visit. Many refer their customers, coworkers, and friends to buy from us. So we like you to keep us in mind. When you buy a new home, open a new business office, marry or engage your significant one, have a new baby, buy a gift for your best friend, remember your loved one, celebrate your or your loved one's birthday, anniversary, new achievement, promotion, we are always here to share your happiness or other feelings with you. You are also welcome to invite your friends to shop together at our store.

What is your Return Policy?
With America's World of Oil Painting your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
  • You can return or have an exchange of your paintings, ANY TIME - WE HAVE NO TIME LIMIT FOR RETURNS
  • You will receive a refund for the purchase price.
  • We pay your return shipping costs.
  • How can you afford to sell your paintings at these prices?
    We are an art direct company. We do not purchase paintings from third source. All reproduction services are provided by our own artists. We work with each and every artist on a daily basis. That's why we can offer incredible services to you. We are artists and we work with our other artists directly. We eliminate all middle layers and sell the paintings to the customers directly.

    I have seen more expensive paintings offered, and they claim they differ in "quality & service". So what is the real difference?
            Why would people rather drive extra miles to factory outlet to buy their favorite clothes, not shopping them from the mall in the downtown?
            Why would people rather drive extra miles to the countryside to shop their car, not from the lousy car dealer on the way to the home?
            Why would people go the jewelry direct to buy their jewelry, not from the shinning, splendid mall jewelry stores?
            Because we all know merchandise are more expensive in the mall, double or even triple the prices for the same jewelry item. When you buy from the mall, you have paid the beautiful marbles, you have paid the shinning lights, you have paid the gorgeous settings, you have paid the dealers' BMWs. We at America's World of Oil Painting , are like the factory outlet, the jewelry direct, the car shop in the countryside. Besides, we save your extra driving miles because we have travelled millions of miles to be within the reach of your finger tip, thanks to the internet.
            At America's World of Oil Painting , less is more (as we all know, more is not always more). We and our artists allow us to keep a low overhead, which lets us pass our savings on to you. Compared to other galleries and other online stores, you save between 50% and 75% on paintings from America's World of Oil Painting . Our rich talented artists resource allows us to guarantee our paintings' great quality. And we will inspect every painting to make sure that the quality is satisfactory before we ship it out from Atlanta.

    I have seen cheaper oil paintings offered, can you explain that?
    These stores typically do not offer custom paintings. They sell what they have in stock. These stores bulk order paintings from other sources and then resell them to you. When it's done in bulk order, you will know these paintings are repeatedly produced, mass transferred. The same size of same painting were produced hundreds of times. When painters are doing this kind of tedious, repeated work, there is no such things as sense and enthusiasm. These painters are working like machines (not to say these paintings may be indeed produced by computer-assisted machines). These paintings not only do not have life and soul, they look and feel like plain flat, 2 dimensional object just as prints/posters (which are produced millions of copies by the same machines and cost just dozens of dollars), because no rich oil is applied, no vivid, 3 dimensinal object is created.
            Instead, at America's World of Oil Painting , each and every painting is specially hand-painted, with rich oil on canvas, with artists' vivid strokes, with the artists' enjoyment and feel of life.

    Do I have to pay sales tax on my order?
    America's World of Oil Painting is required to pay sales tax on orders shipped to Georgia, regardless of where the purchase originates. At this time, all other orders do not incur sales tax.

    Is the painting process in any way computer assisted?
    No. Every painting is hand-painted. Our artists use only their eyes, hands and senses to paint each painting.

    What kind of painting sizes you offer?
    We have this standard price/size chart.

    SIZE inches (vertical or horizontal)8x1012x1620x1620x2424x3624x4830x4036x4848x72
    PRICE US$ (figure painting) 4570100135175210210240360
    PRICE US$ (landscape still life etc) 4555658090105105125185

    The size in the chart is for pricing purpose only. Actual painting size will be based on the size you choose from this chart plus it will be proportional to the original art. For example, if you choose size 24X36 (proportion is 24:36=2:3), but if the original art is 14.5X18 (not exact 2:3 proportion), then the reproduction size will be 29X36 inches. We are glad to make it exact 24X36 if you prefer.
        About 24X36 size, which is the height which is the width? It all depends on the original art. If original art is a tall picture, 36 will be the height. If the original picture is a wide one, 36 will be the width.
        If you like a size not listed in the chart, no problem, we are glad to make it for you.

    Where are your frame selections?
    Please see our Painting Frame Picture Frames.

    Is my credit card safe?
    When your place an order from our online store, your credit card information is protected by our secure server. Our secure server software, together with your browser, strongly encrypts all of your personal information -- including credit card number, name, expiration date, and zip code -- so that it cannot be read by anyone else over the Internet.

        The encryption process converts the characters you enter into coded data that is then securely transmitted over the Internet. The order information you sent will be received and decrypted by authorized persons only.

    Can I pay by phone/fax?
    America's World of Oil Painting wants you to feel completely comfortable that when you place an order:

    • Online: You enter all of your information through America's World of Oil Painting 's online store. You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    • By Fax: You complete the online order form. And then fax your order form to: (678)393-2027 . You can fax 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your fax will just take a minute. You can verify your order on the phone if you like.

    • By Telephone: You enter all of the information except your credit card information online. We will keep your order on hold until you call. To complete your purchase, call us with your name and credit card information. Your call will just take a minute. You can verify your order on the phone if you like.
    Other questions?
    Please complete the following form:

    Email Address:

    America's World of Oil Painting , PO Box 834, Duluth, GA 30096, USA.
    Send comments to: webmaster@worldofoilpainting.com
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